Bemdji Cooperative shows its Hometown Pride!

Cenex has a program called, "Hometown Pride", in which they not only recognize, but celebrate, the towns and communities that they are a part of.

Julie Vollen, Office Manager at Bemidji Cooperative, submitted a letter describing what makes Bemidji unique. Her efforts qualified Bemidji Cooperative Association to be awarded a total of $5,000.00. Bemidji Cooperative then selected five very worthy organizations to receive a $1,000.00 each. The five selected organizations were:

Bemidji Boys and Girls Club

Bemidji Food Shelf

Bemidji Senior Center

Bemidji Meals on Wheels

Bemidji Youth Hockey

Bemidji Cooperative Association is committed to reinvesting in our hometown and would like to thank each of these organizations for their efforts to make Bemidji and our surrounding area a great place to work and live.